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MyLife Workshop

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Introducing a new Christianity 101 Course for Post-Moderns

MyLife Course website:

“Know thyself” is the maxim of classical Greek teaching transmitted to us by the Delphi Oracle (8th century B.C.). MyLife is a six unit course that puts traction to the dictum “know thyself.” Of all of the people that most of us know, no one is more interesting to us than we ourselves! MyLife- Workshop takes into account a person’s uniqueness, her story, her longings and aspirations. Those taking the course are guaranteed to learn new and astounding things about themselves. In the process of self-discovery they will see that God is even more interested in them than they are in themselves.


MyLife Workshop

takes place in a friendly environment, with something to eat and drink, together with other participants who want to discover more of who they are. MyLife – Workshop is a six unit self-discovery process that uses the MyLife – Life -Map as a basis for self-discovery and learning. From unit to unit a person’s own unique path will unfold before them.

The units are organized around the following six themes:

Coin – Who are the people and circumstances that have, for better or for worse, influenced us the most?

Book – Supposing we were to write a book about our life, what would be the title and it’s chapters?

Bridge – What is the goal of our living, what are we building? What do we want to accomplish by the time we die – and is that satisfying?

Music – If God’s presence is akin to a symphony, always in the background of our lives, where have we “heard” this music in our lives?

Band-aid – Where has God entered into our world? Why did he commit himself to excruciating pain, and what did we personally have to do with that?

Treasure – What does God want for each of us to discover as if it were a cache of treasure? How can my life become richer with His life?

Those teaching the MyLife – Workshop are required to attend a one day training venue conducted by Dietrich Schindler in which a license to conduct the course will be granted. A minimum of twenty participants is required for training to occur.


Watch the MyLife Whiteboard Intro Video (German)